It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s the….

This Mum Can Club!

Here’s what I know about you…

  • You want to grow your business

  • You want more clients

  • You want a better work/life balance

I also know that…

  • You’re ready to start taking your shit seriously

  • You’re ready to invest in yourself

  • You’re ready to ask for help

Perfect! Then you, my friend, have reached a very exciting point in your life - congrats!
You’re about to step out of your comfort zone and start thinking big.
Bigger than you’ve ever thought possible.
This is exactly where I need you to be - excited, positive and super pumped to learn.

What can I do to help you?

  • Get you believing in yourself

  • Get you delivering consistently

  • Get you visible

  • Provide a positive community, surrounding you with like-minded Mumpreneurs to share your journey with.

Together we’ll start getting you noticed and making you more money!

I created the This Mum Can Club for female entrepreneurs like you who need some guidance and a helping hand, but aren’t quite ready to invest in 1:1 mentoring.
It’s an affordable way to get access to, well, me! I’ll be sharing everything I know about setting up, running and growing a business (I have three myself!). I’m not claiming to know it all, which is why I’ll also be inviting fellow Mum Bosses to come and deliver training in their area of expertise. Each month we’ll be focussing on different area’s of knowledge, all of which you’ll need to grow a successful business around your family. As well as business related topics, I’m also keen to help address the work/life balance that we all seem to struggle to achieve, so will also be providing support and information on non-business related topics. Things like parenting, wellbeing etc - anything that I think will help you achieve the lifestyle that you are looking for by choosing to run your own business.

this mum can club - what’s the deal?

It’s a new monthly membership, giving you access to

  • The members only Facebook group - providing community, accountability and a safe space to learn & grow.

  • Resource area on the website full of video trainings, workbooks, advice sheets etc.

  • Weekly Q&A sessions with me giving you the chance to ask me absolutely ANYTHING (I never hold anything back - what I know, you’ll know)

  • Monthly trainings from myself and other carefully selected business experts.

  • An invitation to quarterly in-person events including a Christmas night out!! 🥂

How much is this awesomeness going to cost me?

£9.99 per month! I actually struggled think of anything that you would get for less than the price of becoming a member….perhaps a glass of wine? A couple of coffees? It would cost you more to go to the cinema!

It’s a rolling monthly membership with no tie-in, so you’re free to leave whenever you like!
Sign up, plough through the trainings and leave - no problem at all!
Or become a member of our online community and absorb everything at your own pace, knowing that fabulous new content will be added each month.

Why should I join now?

Being a founding member will come with it’s own additional benefits…

  • The price you pay each month remains the same as when you joined. So when the price goes up for new members (which it will in the future) you’ll continue to pay the price as it was when you joined.

  • By joining now you’ll also benefit from more of my time at this stage as the number of members will increase over the coming weeks and months.

  • You’ll also be involved in shaping the group as it grows, helping me to deliver a membership that works for you.

 let me in!

Want in? Click the button below to sign up and I’ll see you in there…. 👋