Let’s get visible in business!

So you want to get more visible? No problem - you probably know by now that I could talk about this all day! ⁣
⁣You've told me that:⁣

💥You want to feel more confident and able to position yourself as the expert in your field.
💥 You want to be the first person that your audience think of when looking for your service.⁣
💥 You want people to recommend you, even if they have never used your service before (yes, this actually happens!)⁣
💥 You want potential clients to feel comfortable, happy, even excited to work with you.⁣
💥 You want a gallery of on-brand professional images to help convey your brand values and personality.
💥 You want a bank of images ready to share, saving you time and stress when creating online content.
💥 You want to attract more of your ideal clients and make more money.

⁣How did I do? Does this sound like you? Awesome, then you’re exactly where you need to be.

I’ve put together a package that will really help you ramp up your visibility and make sure that your people know exactly who you are, what you do and why they should book you! In this productive three hour session we'll create a gallery of professional images showing who you are and what you do. Beforehand we’ll really talk about what you want to portray to your clients; perhaps it’s important that you’re a working Mum in which case we’ll get the kids involved! Maybe you want to show the relaxed way in which you work with your clients, or you have a fabulous product that you want to show off. We will plan the session to make sure that we meet all the requirements you have for imagery. I work my hardest to make sure you feel relaxed in front of the camera, so we’ll take it at your pace. It will feel like you’re meeting a friend for a coffee and soon forget that the camera is on you.

We’ll then sit down with a cuppa and work through a personalised step by step visibility strategy for you. We’ll look at what you need to be sharing, where to be showing up to get in front of your ideal clients, and a plan of how to do it. You’ll leave this three hour session with a bank of fabulous images that represent you and your business, as well as knowing exactly what to do with them! You’ll be well on your way to getting visible AF.

If you want to get in front of more clients then this session is absolutely for you.⁣ 

Interested? Let me tell you more…⁣

This super productive visibility session will last around three hours. I’ll spend some time beforehand really getting to know you and your business, planning your session to ensure that you walk away with a portfolio of relevant, on-brand images that will help you start putting yourself ‘out there’ as the expert in your field. If this wasn’t enough (can you cope with anymore?!) you’ll also walk away from this session with a step by step action plan to help you really start getting seen by more clients. I’ll tell you exactly what you need to be doing to get yourself more visible, booking more clients and making more money…boom!

All of this for just £499? Is it an investment you can afford to miss?

If you’re sick of feeling frustrated and constantly being overlooked by potential clients then this session really will help you stand out from the crowd. 👊

Pop me an email if you’d like to chat further about how this can help you and your business, and to get your session booked in!

Business marketing mentor