Business mentoring for Mums

Business Mentoring for Awesome Business Mums!

Wherever you are in your entrepreneur journey I can help. Whether you are brand new and need help thrashing out which idea could work for you, or you have a business up and running but are stuck with how to grow - I can help!

With seven years experience in setting up and growing my own creative businesses, I have learnt by making ALL of the mistakes along the way so can help you avoid making them yourself. Having invested heavily in training, coaching and mentoring myself, I want to share everything that I’ve learned with you. Are you ready to do the same and invest in yourself?

Being a Mum of three I understand the unique challenges faced by many business Mums, and can help you create a thriving business that will provide a flexible work/life balance.

What I Offer:

Biz Boost Session - 2 hours

An intense session where we can look at where you are, where you want to be and how to get you there! Available in-person or via video call.

  • Going old-school: Taking a look at where you’ve come from.

  • Back to the future: Looking at where you want to be in the next 3, 6 and 12 months.

  • Business mapping - creating a kick-ass strategy to help get you there!

Biz Mum mentoring: All the Shiz

  • Biz Boost Session - 2 hours (in-person or via video call).
    We will look at where you are currently and what you can do to grow your business.

  • Followed by 11 weekly phone calls - 30 minutes each.
    Helping to keep you on track and accountable, ensuring that you continue to move towards your newly set business goals.

business Mum mentor

Are you ready to smash the shit out of 2019?
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