This Moving House Thing

Moving House Sucks!

So we’ve finally made the decision to do it. We’re off - see ya Reading!

As if it were that simple (sigh). After years of deliberation we have finally grown some balls and made the decision to relocate our little family. We’ve spoken about it a lot over the years but it never felt like the right time for me. Ryan would have happily made the move years ago, but I’ve always struggled with the idea of leaving all of my friends and family and starting again, not knowing anyone at all. Who would I drink gin and rant about the kids with?? We’ve always dreamed of having a bigger house in a cute little village somewhere, and now is the time to bloody get on and do it! Life’s too short right?

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So we spent the Summer getting the house up to a sellable standard, which pretty much involved clearing out a LOT of crap and scrubbing off the dried up weetabix/crayon/sudocrem that had built up over the past five years. Ryan ripped the old decking up and put in a fabulous new patio area, we decorated what needed decorating and then excitedly called the Estate Agent. They came and took photos and boom - our house was on the market. Eeeek!

We’ve explored and researched areas that we would like to relocate to, with Herefordshire coming out top. I’ve contacted Schools, I’ve looked into toddler groups, I’ve put together Pinterest boards for the kids new bedrooms. I’ve got boxes, I’ve got tape, I’ve got bubble wrap. We’ve spoken to the kids and got them on board, preparing them for our new life and what to expect. I’ve spent 13,672 hours scrolling through Rightmove searching for the perfect new home. We’ve built ourselves up and now just need to sell our bloomin’ house!

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

After being on the market for two weeks, and keeping it in show home condition (which is bloody hard work with three kids, two dogs whilst running a business!) I am a bit over it. With every viewing comes hope, and then disappointment when they give reasons that are out of our control - bedroom size, location etc. It’s still really early days, but being the impatient being that I am I’m already getting frustrated with the process and just want it done already! Sadly it’s out of my hands, but my fingers are remaining firmly crossed that the right family will walk through the door and fall in love with it like we did five years ago.

I know this is a very small part of the actual moving process. We’ve still got the hardest part to come - finding the right house, finding the right School, packing up our entire life and moving it miles away….as well as finding the nearest Gin bar!

Have you relocated your family? Share your story with me, I would love some tips for surviving the madness that is yet to come!

Rachel x