Tears at the School Gate

This morning was the usual mayhem - getting three kids up, dressed and fed before dropping them off at School. We had just about managed to get out of the door on time and I rocked up to the School gates feeling like a winner.

Once the little darlings had gone through the gate I looked over and noticed another Mum stood there in tears. Now my usual response would be to start crying myself, which isn’t ideal in such situations. It’s something I’ve been working on but for some reason my emotions usually get the better of me (probably those damn hormones!)

Photo by Asdrubal luna on Unsplash

Anyway this morning I managed to hold my shit together, walked over and gave her a big hug. A small gesture of comfort, of empathy for another Mum obviously having a bit of a shit morning.

We’ve all had those moments, I’ve certainly had plenty. I will always remember one occasion where the kindness of a stranger very nearly tipped me over the edge. I had ventured to the supermarket with Billy and Keira to try and do some food shopping (a dickhead move I know). They must have been around 2 and 3 years old, and Billy decided to have an epic meltdown the ENTIRE way around Asda. Amazing.

He was screaming, he was grabbing things, he was throwing them. He was grabbing me and trying to escape the trolley (thank god for lap belts!) His poor Sister was crying and I was exhausted. I just about managed to get everything that I needed and got to the till to pay. He had gone turbo by this time and most other shoppers were turning to stare at the child that had quite clearly been possessed. I remained calm and paid for my shopping, barely keeping the tears at bay as I made my way out of the shop.

I was then tapped on the shoulder, turning round to be greeted with a lady smiling at me. “Excuse me, I just wanted to say how brilliantly you’ve handled your situation. I’ve been behind you doing my own shopping and just wanted to let you know that you are doing an amazing job and well done for staying so calm with your little boy”.
That was it, I was gone. Crying big fat ugly tears. The kindness of the lady had overwhelmed me, She probably regretting saying anything as she then ended up with all three of us crying in front of her. She gave me a hug and went back to her shopping.

That moment will always stay with me, and makes me want to ‘pay it forward’. I did know the Mum at the School gate this morning, but had I not I still would have offered a hug.

Would you?