How To Survive School Holidays As A Business Mum // Business advice

It’s that time again - School holidays!

As a Mum running three businesses, the thought of School holidays sometimes brings on a bit of a panic!

  • How will I keep on top of my emails?

  • How will I continue to be consistent across social media?

  • How do I keep enquiries coming in?

  • How do I avoid being forgotten about by my audience?

It needn’t be a cause for concern though as long as we’re prepared! Here are some top tips to get yourself School holiday ready 💪

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Prepare and schedule.

To ensure that you don’t disappear during the holidays, write content for your social media platforms and get those bad boys scheduled in! You can schedule posts directly on Facebook, for Instagram you’ll need to use a scheduling app such as Planoly, Hootsuite, Later etc. One less thing to worry about while the kids are around!

Blog posts can also be written beforehand, along with emails for your mailing list. Some platforms allow you to schedule these to be automatically posted, but if not then at least it’s just a case of clicking a button. Set a reminder on your phone to publish as if you’re anything like me it will slip your mind amid the chaos of the Summer!

Meal Planning

At the beginning of each week, sit down and come up with a quick meal plan. As well as dinners, include a variety of lunch and snack ideas to keep the kids full up and away from the biscuit jar. Write your shopping list around your meal plan, you can even book an online food shop to deliver at the beginning of each week so you don’t have to suffer a food shop with kids in tow.

Keep Clients Informed

“Mine are teenagers now but I always used to set up out-of-office notifications, even if it was just for a couple of hours while we went for ice cream, so customers knew when they'd get a response and weren't getting all cross waiting for me!” - Natalie Williams, Iconik Photography

Play Dates

If you need a few hours to get some work done, encourage your little lovelies to invite a friend around to play. They’ll keep each other entertained long enough for you to answer a few emails, and if you’re lucky their parents will return the favour and give you a child-free

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Team Up

Me, mum and my sister in law have a summer holidays spreadsheet!! We share childcare between the three of us and usually try to plan one 'full day' out each week with all of us. It seems to work!! - Caroline Gould, The Wedding Planners

Start Early/work late (not both!)

During the holidays I try to get up an hour or two before the kids which allows me time to get some work done before stepping into the role of Mum. I’m much more productive in the morning so this works well for me. For others it might work better to stay up late working once the kids are in bed. Either way, make the most of your child-free time but be careful to avoid burnout.

Allocate time off

The Summer holiday is exhausting, intense and so bloody long!! Make sure to plan some time off for you to rest and recover, both physically and mentally. Arrange to go for a drink with a friend, or book a morning at the local spa. Go for a walk once the kids are in bed to clear your mind after a busy day. I did this the other day and it really helped. I jumped on my bike, put some tunes on and rode off into the sunset for some well earned me-time.

Soft Play for the win!

Depending on the age of your children, finding an activity that allows you to work can be an absolute life saviour during School holidays. Soft play centres are a great example of this, make use of the cafe and free wifi while little ‘un wears themselves out on the play equipment.

“I always spend 2 days a week at the local soft play with my laptop during holidays 😂 I get a shed load of admin done and she doesn’t want to leave - also there’s cake 🤷🏼‍♀️” - Rosie Wood

Share your Story

Keep clients in the loop by sharing regularly to stories. It’s a great way of letting your audience get to know the person behind the brand.

“People LOVE to hear about how other people run their business, so don’t be afraid to use stories or images that include your kids.” - Kate Litt

Take a Break!

After all, they are called holidays! Take some time off to enjoy your kids, plan some days out as a family. Switch off for the day and be present, by dedicating some time to them they’re more likely to leave you alone when you want them to!

If all else fails, there is always gin! 🍸

Good luck Mamas - you can do this!

Rachel x

Juggling business and family life needn’t be a headache, sometimes we can just do with a bit of a helping hand. Check out my Mentoring packages or book a free Discovery Call to chat about how I can help you get unstuck in your business.

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