How to make an extra £1k this month // Business tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Want to make an extra £1k this month?

It’s a numbers game…

You’ve been working hard and things are going well in your business - it’s time you rewarded yourself! Maybe you’ve got your eye on a European mini break with your partner, or an annual membership to the local spa. Perhaps you want to invest in a kick ass business mentor (hello there!) to help you take your business to the next level.

Or maybe you’ve received an unexpected bill that needs paying. Rupert the cat has developed a limp, or the clutch has finally gone on your car. Urgh.

Whatever you need an extra £1k for, let’s think about how you’re going to go about it.

Let’s break it down - if you need to bring in an extra £1000 this month that means £250 per week (based on a 4 week month) or around £35 per day.

You could sell thirty items priced at £35 or two items priced at £500 (or any combination in between!)

You could create something to sell for a quick cash injection, or you could push a product or service that you already offer. I’m not a huge fan of discounting as it can often do more harm than good in the long term, but a new package could work . For example, if you are a photographer you could put on a day of mini branding photoshoots for local businesses. Shorter sessions than your usual full package, perhaps including less images, but for a lower price. If you sold five mini sessions at £200 each - that’s your extra £1k in the bag!

Another example, if you’re a business coach and currently offer 1:1 days, how about offering follow-on/top-up sessions to previous clients? Two of those paying £500 each will also get you to the £1k goal.

If you need the money quickly then limited time/availability offers can work well, or by creating FOMO. Rather than just putting it out there asking people to buy it, think about what result you’re selling. What problem are you solving for your clients?

For the photographer, they aren’t selling a photoshoot.
They’re selling a gallery of professional branding images for the business owners to use in their marketing and attract new clients.

For the Business Coach, they aren’t selling top-up coaching sessions.
They’re selling accountability, keeping their clients progress on track and helping them achieve their goals.

What have you got that your audience needs?
Go out there and sell it to them!

how to make an extra one thousand pounds

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