Getting Visible AF // Quick Guide for Business Mums

What does getting visible mean and why is it so important?

The term ‘getting visible’ is a popular one at the moment and it can mean slightly different things to different people. To me it means getting your business seen by the right people, getting your name ‘out there’.

That’s all well and good, but how do we actually do it??

There are a million and one ways to get visible.

Some of my faves include:

  • Social media posts

  • Live videos

  • Writing a blog

  • Speaking at events

  • Networking

  • Podcasts

  • PR

  • Building an email list

Be your brand

One thing that I am passionate when talking about getting visible is putting your face to your brand. There are soooooo many businesses out there, most of which are just a logo. What do you actually know about them? What’s their story?

By being your own brand you give your business a personality, you become memorable. You give your audience something to connect with.

This is what will make you stand out from the crowd. You’ve heard the term ‘people buy from people’ right? (It’s one of my most used phrases when mentoring clients!) It’s true - give them a reason to get to know, like and trust you. Have some professional photos done and share them with your content so that people begin to recognise you. Deliver your content via video or by going live and start conversations with your viewers.

You are your USP.

There might be 100 people out there doing exactly the same thing as you, but they aren’t you. Think about hair dressers or photographers, there must be thousands of them across the country. There is plenty of business out there for everyone, and people will be drawn to you for being you - so show them you!

Ok, so what should I share?

By sharing valuable, interesting and relevant content for your ideal client you’ll start to notice that you gain a following. You can grow and nurture this audience so that when they are ready to buy they’ll come straight to you.

Share your story.
Share your knowledge.
Share your skills.
Share your experience.
Share your personality.

What’s stopping you?

Fear? Lack of confidence? Imposter syndrome?
All of the above?
My simple advice is to get over it. Work on your mindset, find the confidence, acknowledge the fear but do it anyway. By going ahead and doing it you’ll soon grow in confidence. I use to be terrified of going live or recording videos of myself talking, but decided that to be able to serve my audience best I needed to be showing up for them. Once I had done my first few it quickly began to get easier and now it doesn’t cause me any problems. I still get nervous sometimes depending on what I’m talking about, but I remind myself that it’s not about me. It’s for the people that need to hear what I have to say, that are waiting for that help/support/advice/knowledge.

My advice?

Don’t be another faceless brand.
Be memorable.
Be you.

If you’re still not sure how to go about getting visible in your business but get how important it is, I’m offering 1:1 visibility strategy sessions throughout July. Just you and me, working on your own personalised visibility strategy for the next 30 days. Covering what, where and when to share you’ll come away knowing exactly what to do for the next 30 days to get seen by the right people for your business.