My Five Favourite FREE Business Tools


Running a small business can be hard, but there are some fab tools out there that have been created to make our lives easier. The best thing is that some of them are FREE!

As a busy business Mum myself, I wanted to share my five fave FREE tools that I use daily to run my own businesses.

  1. Canva - A free design platform that is super easy to use. There are shit loads of templates enabling you to create anything including snazzy social media graphics, newsletters, web banners, logos, brochures…the list goes on. You can upgrade to a paid version, but you can do most things on the free version. I bloody love it!

  2. Mailchimp - A free email marketing automation platform, which makes setting up and growing an email list a piece of piss. It is free up to 1000 subscribers, which is totally awesome.

  3. Social Media - An obvious one, but I wanted to highlight how easy it is to get in front of clients FOR FREE! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn…all free! Pretty amazing really.

  4. Unsplash - A library of stock photos, all available for free! If you’re unable to afford professional photography of your own then stock images are another great option. I do recommend scrolling down as the most popular images are shown first, meaning that more people are using them.

  5. #journorequest - Literally the easiest way to achieve pieces of PR if you aren’t in a position to employ a PR expert. Jump on Twitter, pop #journorequest in to the search bar, click on latest at the top of the results and start scrolling through! With so many different requests tweeted, it is worth checking daily. You will need to respond quickly as journalists are often on a tight timeframe, so it really is fastest finger first.

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Those are my five faves, and ones that I use myself daily. What free business tools do you use?
Please do share them in the comments below or pop me an email so that I can share them for fellow business Mums to benefit from.

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