Business Basics - Content marketing

Content marketing for Busy Business Mums

You’ve had an amazing business idea. It’s the one! It’s the dog’s bollocks of an idea, and the one that will make you a millionaire by this time next year (anyone else hear Del Boy’s voice when I say that?!)

You’ve set up a website, a Facebook page and an Instagram profile.
You’ve created a logo.
You’ve told all of your friends and family about it.
Then tumbleweed…

What are you missing? You have everything set up ready, yet no-one is buying and you don’t get it?

Yep, we’ve all been there.

I’ve got a question for you - have you got a marketing plan in place?
I’ll let you into a secret - neither did I!

content marketing for business Mums

Marketing is one of the most important parts of running a successful business, and in the early stages this should be your main focus. How do you expect to attract clients if they don’t know you exist?

Let’s take a look at some marketing activities that you might want to include in your plan:

  • Social Media

  • Blogging

  • Referrals

  • Word of Mouth

  • SEO

  • Podcasts

  • PR

  • Networking

  • Email

There are obviously more but these are the basics, and a lot of them you can get going with straight away. Some will take time to have an impact, SEO for example can take several months to affect your rankings on Google.

In terms of what you put out there, don’t try to sell all of the time. People don’t use Social media to buy, they use it to be social (and waste a shit load of time scrolling!). Yet time and time again we see small businesses use their profiles to try and directly sell to their followers. It’s not going to happen, not straight away anyway. It’s all about building up an engaged audience, and offering them content that is both useful and interesting. Have you heard of content marketing? This is it in a nutshell…

As an example, let’s take a family photographer. They are putting out 5 posts a week on Facebook advertising their Mother’s Day mini sessions. No one is biting. They’ve got no bookings so then resort to discounting or offering back to back offers in a desperate bid to attract paying clients, driving down the value of their photography.

To turn this on it’s head, the same family photographer could consistently offer valuable content relevant to their target client - families. How about ‘Five top tips for successful potty training’? ‘How to encourage healthy eating in under 5’s’? ‘Top ten favourite local days out for young families’?
Look for questions that they might be asking and answer them! Just because she is a photographer doesn’t mean that she can only talk about family photography. Of course she can, but it doesn’t have to be spammy - how about the best ways to take great pics of your kids on an iPhone? It’s all about thinking outside the box and being creative with your content.

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Once you’ve got some cracking content that your audience will be interested in, start sharing it! Publish blog posts, share tips on Social media, pitch articles to magazines/blogs (making sure to pick ones that your ideal clients will be reading), send it out to your mailing list… By re-using and re-purposing your content you are saving yourself a heap of time, which can only be a good thing as a busy business Mum!

All of these marketing activities will start to drive potential clients to you, eventually turning them into paying clients. They will set you up as the expert in your field. They will help your clients to begin to know, like and trust you - awesome! When they decide that they want to update the family photos who do you think they will come to? You! Because you haven’t been spammy. Because you haven’t tried to sell to them. Because you’ve helped them out by offering interesting, relevant content. Because they now feel like they know, like and trust you.

Boom! You’ve now filled your bookings for the next month and it’s time to crack open the gin!

celebrate with a gin!

You’ve got this Mama! Create a marketing plan, stick to it and you’ll start to see results. If it worked for me it will work for you too!

This is a really quick overview of how content marketing can work for your small business, but should help to give an idea of how it can help you grow and attract more clients. If you would like more help with this then feel free to get in touch for a chat about my business coaching packages for busy business Mums.