Mentoring for Creative Small Business Owners // Charlotte Broster Photography

1:1 Business Boost Session with Photographer Charlotte

Today I met with the lovely Charlotte from Charlotte Broster Photography to help her get unstuck in her business and come up with an action plan to help her move forward. We talked about where she is now before working out where she wants to be with her family photography business, and putting together a kick-ass strategy to grow her creative business and start achieving big things.

I talk a lot about putting yourself ‘out there’ and this was a key piece of advice that I gave Charlotte as part of her 1:1 mentoring session, as well as giving her lots of steps that she needs to take to really start getting in front of her ideal client.

It was a relaxed session over a few cups of tea, which is how I like to work (we were very good and avoided the cake…this time!) I came away just as excited as Charlotte, if not more so. I can completely relate to how Charlotte is feeling as I was there myself just a year or two ago. I’m excited for her as I know that the steps I took will work for her too. I’m a completely open book during my 1:1 Business Boost sessions and will answer any questions honestly, sharing exactly how I managed to set up and grow three businesses by myself around my busy family life.

My 1-2-1 session with Rachel really helped unravel the tangled mess in my head! I’ve had three babies over the last 8 years and my photography business has ticked along fine, but in recent months, I’d been feeling terribly lost, flitting here and there, doing a bit of everything but nothing properly. I was sending out mixed messages to my customers and as a result, losing customers (and confidence!) all the time. I was desperate for some guidance, some direction and some good old honest feedback….and this is exactly what I got. I’m now clear on what my strengths are and how I’m going to focus and build this precious business of mine. I’ve got my drive and enthusiasm back, and I believe in myself again. The next time I feel out of my depth I will go back to Rachel for more advice. Running a business can be a solitary and difficult thing to do, why should we expect to be able to do it on our own? I’m so pleased I made this investment.
— Charlotte (Charlotte Broster Photography)

If you can connect with Charlotte’s story and would like some help growing your own business do get in touch for a chat. I’d love to hear about what you do and what you’re struggling with. I’m here to help and really enjoy spending time with fellow business women as part of my 1:1 business boost sessions. (Don’t worry if you’re not local to Reading, these sessions work just as well over a video call!)

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