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I’ve Been There

Hey beautiful!

I’m Rachel, a Mum of three, and I’ve been running my own businesses for the last seven years. I drink a lot of tea (or gin depending what time it is!) whilst consuming a LOT of Jaffa cakes. I’m ridiculously good at Catchphrase and seem to lack a profanity filter.

So you’re a Mum and you run your own business?
Let’s see if I can guess what else we have in common…

  • You’ve got HUGE dreams but can’t work out how to reach them.

  • You’re frustrated, either with your business or personal life (who wouldn’t be, kids can be dicks sometimes!)

  • You want to be more than ‘just’ Mum.

  • You don’t have enough time to work on your business idea as you have shit loads going on (day job, kids, homework, Netflix…)

  • You’re lonely. Working for yourself can be isolating but you don’t want to resort to joining the PTA for company (fuck that!)

  • You feel guilty - guilty for not contributing more to the family finances, guilty for not being able (or wanting) to spend every waking moment with your kids.

  • You don’t feel that you have the confidence to get out there and smash it.

How did I do? Do you find yourself saying any of these things?
I know because I’ve been there! I spent years struggling with all of this emotional baggage and I can tell you, it got me nowhere.

Once I made the decision to take my shit seriously, it all changed. I invested a small fortune in a business coach and can honestly say that it was the best money I have ever spent. She helped me see my true potential, made me realise my worth and guess what - my confidence, and therefore my business, started to soar!

I know that sounds a bit wanky, but its true. Mindset plays a huge part, particularly for female entrepreneurs and let’s face it, becoming a Mum can be a massive mind screw in itself so what chance do we stand?!

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What Awesomeness Do I Offer?

I can talk about the processes and strategies that we’ll work on, but I’ll cut straight to the chase.
I transform people’s lives.
A bold statement I know and I don’t use it lightly, but it 100% applies here.

  • Helping a Mum struggling with debt to achieve financial freedom.

  • Helping a Mum book her first family holiday in five years.

  • Showing a Mum how to run her business more efficiently enabling her to spend more time with her baby.

All pretty transformational right?

What would you like your life to look like in 3, 6 or 12 months time?
Are you ready to start your transformation?

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The Good News?

I can lead you to success too. This is how we’re going to do it…

We’ll look at:

  • Where you are now

  • Where you want to be (think big!)

  • Putting in place practical, actionable steps to get you there

Simple right? That’s because it is! Using my experience of setting up and running my own successful businesses I can show you how to fly like a motherf*cker
(I warned you about my language didn’t I?)

What do you need to bring to the table?

  • A can-do attitude

  • Courage

  • Jaffa cakes

So what’s stopping you?
If you’re serious about getting unstuck your business and becoming unfuckwithable then we need to talk.
I’ll be your wing woman. Hell, if you bring the pom poms I’ll be your cheerleader!
I’m a MASSIVE champion of Mums in business and love nothing more than seeing fellow Mums find their wings and fly, It really does make me do a happy dance.

Let’s do this!

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